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Where Does Our Funding Come From?


Open Door Outreach Center depends primarily on donations from area churches, community organizations, private individuals, and local businesses.

Open Door is fortunate to receive funding from such other sources as government grants (FEMA & Township CDBG grants) and private foundations.

We Always Welcome, and Need, Your Donations, Which Are Tax-deductible

How We Utilize Our Financial Resources

Each year, area residents contribute more than $100,000 in goods and volunteer services. These contributions are the backbone of the Center.

Cash also enables us to purchase items that cannot be collected via donations, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, emergency gasoline vouchers, etc.

How You Can Contribute

  1. A check to our General Fund or our Crisis Fund
  2. A check to a specific program (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Back-to-School, Children's Summer Food Program)
  3. A bequest from an estate
  4. A donation to our Building Fund

Please call us at (248) 360-2930 to find out how YOU can make a difference!