Celebrating over 40 years in the Community!


Open Door Outreach Center celebrated 40 years of service in the Lakes Area in 2020!  Open Door Outreach was established in 1980 and incorporated in 1982 as a 501C3.  Open Door Outreach Center is a life saver for many people in need in our community.  To most of the people we serve, Open Door is the only help or resource. 

To think about how many have been fed, clothed and uplifted?   How many people have lived a better life because someone cared, shared and fed them?  Come join us, support our work, donate, shop or volunteer.  You can make a difference right now.

Our Open Door Outreach continues to see record numbers in the community requesting food, assistance and emergency services.  Our volunteers and staff continue to support with their time and expertise, sourcing holiday Meals, organizing Adopt A Family and so much more!  We are so very grateful for our 160+ volunteers and generous donors who continue to give to our amazing community. 

           Did you know-our Open Door Outreach is 98% volunteer ran and, 94 cents of every dollar goes back into our community?  Check back here often as we complete our Administration building expansion which will house our Community Resource Center.   Keep up to date on our latest news sign up for our e-blasts and follow our Open Door Outreach center on Facebook .

You are important to our work!

Each day hunger impacts our elderly, our children and our families struggling to have basic needs.  With your support Open Door Outreach alleviates pain and alleviates hunger in our community. 
You impact change.

Go to our website for an Opportunity to help:

  • Friend of Open Door Outreach Center $20
    Will you become a Friend of Open Door by gifting $20 Sustainer gift* (*each and every month)  A Friend of Open Door Outreach Center $20 sustainer donation will allow us to continue awesome services to over 8,000 people a year.  These funds will help pay for the food, crisis funds and services given at Open Door.
  • Supporter of Open Door Outreach Center $40
    Maybe you can give more.  Perhaps you are an individual, a business or a community group and you want to make a difference. Make an impact and become a Supporter of Open Door by donating $40 each month. 
  • Donate to Open Door Outreach Center
    A one-time gift might be best for you, please give a meaningful gift to make a better world, right here where you live.  Help us serve in even better ways by donating to purchase, or repair, or build out the new building.   More information to follow on building campaign.

www.opendooroutreachcenter.com or click on the donate button.  Keep up to date on our latest news sign up for our e-blasts and follow our Open Door Outreach center on Facebook 

Feeding 8,000+ over 248,000 lbs. of food takes equipment!

Open Door Equipment needs:

  • A Transit Style Van* to pick up daily produce, bread, donated food.  The ideal vehicle would allow a pallet of food to be moved by a fork truck.  *A future plan for an Open Door Transit van would also allow our team to deliver and bring our Outreach out to those not able to travel.      

We truly are Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  We feed, We clothe, We uplift, We give hope and spread love!