Board & Staff

Board of Directors

President                   JoAnn Bolek

Vice President        Bethanie Mansfield

Treasurer                  Eric Andrzejak

Director                     Gene Gerard

Director                     Dr. William Bauer

Director                     Mary Seifert

Director                     John Reardon

Director                     Rob Wright

Director                     Sylvia Ashton



Executive Director      Karen L. Myers

Pantry Manager          Stephanie Mercier         

Client Services Manager           Carrie Ortiz

Resale Store Manger            Pat Kanners

Resale Store Assistant Manager       Nancy Mannix

Administrative Assistant        Jon McGregor

Open Door Outreach Center & Resale Store has 193 volunteer staff members and 6 part time paid staff who ensure we run efficiently and effectively.  We are very grateful for their support and could not do this work without them.  Our key volunteers commit to a 3 hour shift once a week, usually 10-1 or 1-4.