Family of Six

Imagine a family of six, including four young children, living in a tent for 7 weeks.
That happened in the spring of 2016 when a family came to Open Door with their story of being evicted. They had borrowed the tent and were living without indoor plumbing in a campground.
The father worked, but the family was really struggling.  No place to live and with payments at a camp ground no way to save the security or first month rent. Then the people who loaned the family the tent asked for it back. Open Door bought a tent for them in July, and for the next two months, staff and the family worked to pool funds from local churches. With the father’s savings, the family was able to put $2,200 down to rent a house. Open Door provided many visits of food, clothing, gas cards and books for the kids. By September, the family was out of the tent and living in a new home.